Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get information on available rental properties?

Answer: Information on our properties can be found here. Also see “Other Resources” for additional rental search sites.

Who must fill out the application?

Answer: All adults planning to occupy the property must fill out an application in order to have legal rights to occupy the property.  

What factors do you use in qualifying a tenant?

Answer: First, we operate in strict compliance with all Fair Housing Guidelines. After receiving an application we access each of the following:

  • Rental/Ownership History
  • Credit Report
  • Criminal Report
  • Employment & Income Verification

Why is my property a good investment?

Answer: The main benefits in owning investment property is:

  • Income: Cash flow
  • Equity Buildup: While the tenant is paying your mortgage, your mortgage is decreasing
  • Tax Savings: Tax laws may provide a shelter for depreciation.

How do you find a tenant?

Answer: We utilize many resources when marketing your property. We place ads with local papers. We also post ads on our website that link up to many search engines. We post on Craigslist and other websites and we will place a sign at the property.

How do you determine the rent price for my property?

Answer: We perform a comprehensive search of similar properties in your community. We will then compare similar properties side-by-side with your home. Based on our widespread knowledge and experience, we will be able to determine the right price that will help your home to rent quickly.

How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?

Answer: Location, price, and property condition contribute to the property value. It is hard to say that a home will rent in a specific timeframe. However, if your property is in good condition, in a good neighborhood, and priced right, it should rent quickly. A typical home will rent in 30 days on average. It could rent in a week or it may take longer than the average based on market conditions and other factors.

Why should I use a Jack White Real Estate in managing my property?

Answer: Are you tired of collecting rents, handling leases, move in/out inspections, maintenance calls 24/7, neighbor complaints, accounting & budgeting, and posting notices? Serving Alaska for over 60 years, Jack White has been Alaska’s market leader in real estate, dedicated to providing service with quality, value, and integrity. Our Real Estate professionals specialize in knowing how to price and market homes, making each one stand out as special. Why not let us take away the stress of managing your property? Contact us today!

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